Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am offering the Strengthening Your Relationship On-line Course again April 23 through June 11th (with no class held on May 14th or 21st)Classes will be held Saturday Evenings at 9:00 p.m., CST. (See below for course content information and the sidebar to sign up).

I am also offering the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy On -line Course for LDS Couples April 22 - June 10th (with no class on May 20th). Classes will be held Friday evenings at 9:30 p.m. CST. (See below for course content information and the sidebar to sign up).

Strengthening Your Relationship Course Content:

Class 1: The Universal Challenge of Emotional Intimacy

Class 2: Relational Losing Strategies: When and Why We Use Them.

Class 3: Defining Your Relational Dance: What You And Your Spouse Do to Interfere with Emotional Intimacy

Class 4: Relational Winning Strategies: Getting More of What You Want

Class 5: Effective Speaking: Boundaries and Empathy.

Class 6: Empathic Listening: Generosity and Accountability.

Classes are 70 minutes in length.

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course Content

Class 1: Sexuality and Dissatisfaction: When sex isn't natural.

Class 2: Roadblocks to Sexual Desire: Psychological and Cultural Barriers.

Class 3: Roadblocks to Sexual Fulfillment: Reconciling Love and Desire.

Class 4: Understanding Your Relational Barriers to Passion.

Class 5: Claiming your Sexuality: The Will to Desire.

Class 6: Deepening The Passion: Solidifying Your Connection.

Class 7: Fantasy and Communication: Bringing Desires into the Relationship.

Classes are 50 minutes in length.

The Strengthening Your Relationship Course is an excellent foundation for the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course. While not required, it is recommended that you take the relationship course first or in conjunction with the sexuality course.

These courses are on-line. Therefore there will be a video element that allows you to see powerpoint slides, watch videos selected by the instructor to demonstrate principles, and see the instructor (me) throughout the class. You will simultaneously be on conference call so you can ask questions as needed. This format allows you to attend and learn while maintaining privacy if desired.

All classes are RECORDED and sent to the participants. So if you or your spouse is not able to attend a class, you can watch it after the fact.

Please see the column to the right for Class Sign-ups and deadlines. If you have any questions about the courses, please send a message through my contact form, and let me know if you'd like to receive email updates about this class.


"I have found great value in Jennifer's courses. The curriculum is very practical and broken down in an easy way. I was able to begin making changes in my relationship right away. Jennifer is a fantastic instructor!" Rachel R., Glencoe, IL

"Taking Jennifer's Strengthening Relationships course with my husband has significantly improved the quality of our marriage by providing us with concrete tools to communicate better. The insights and principles she presents have been invaluable in working towards a healthy eternal marriage. I would hightly recommend the class to newlyweds and not-so-newly weds alike." Stacy H., Wilmette, IL